🌈Formatting in Skript

This guide is applies to all files ending with .sk (scripts). They can be found in plugins/Skript/scripts folder.

You can start new lines everywhere. This includes tooltips (see JSON formatting). To do that, just add %nl% where you'd like to start a new line.

Text Coloring

There are two types of colors, VANILLA and HEX. Vanilla colors are built into Minecraft and most of you should already be familiar with them.

Vanilla (Legacy) Colors + Formatting

Please look at the gif below. There are colored numbers/letters. Each one of them represents a different color.

To use a certain color, just find the corresponding letter/number and add it next to the & or Β§ character.

Example: &fThis is a white text! Β§fThis is also a white text!

You can also use formatting (&k,&l,&m,&n,&o,&r). Look at the gif to see what formatting actually does.

Example: &f&lThis is a white, bold text.

HEX Colors

HEX is a 6 letter/number code which allows you to use any color you'd like in-game. Type 'hex color picker' or 'hex colors' online.

After you have found the color you'd like to use, make sure the format is correct: <##123456> -> yes, double #

Example: <##ffffff>This is a white text!

JSON Formatting

JSON Formatting allows you to run or suggest commands on click, open URLs or show tooltips on message hover.

Make sure to add <reset> at the end of your sentence (or a part of it) where you want to stop with the JSON formatting.

Run commands on click

<run command:command> -> replace command with your own command.

Example: <run command:help>&fClick here for help!<reset>

Suggest commands on click

<sgt:command> -> this will suggest a command to player. (they will have to run it themselves, this just fills in their chat box with a command)

Example: <sgt:help>&fClick here for help!<reset>

Show tooltips on hover

<ttp:text> -> this will show a text to player when they hover your message.

Example: <ttp:&eThis is a yellow hint!>&fHover for info!<reset>

Opening an URL on click

<url:link> -> this will open an URL to player when they click a message.

Example: <url:https://site.com/>&fClick for a link!<reset>

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