🔨Setting up the configuration

Follow this guide to successfully install the Tool Skins configuration on your Minecraft server.

Download the configuration

Visit the platform you've purchased Tool Skins on, then download it. It should be in a .ZIP format that you have to open using WinRAR, 7-zip or any other program.

Uploading configuration files

Make sure you have all required plugins installed on your server:

Plugin NameRequiredDownload link










Not supported yet.

The configuration doesn't require ItemsAdder/Oraxen to work. Configuration for IA is included for easier editing.

Move the contents from the 'plugins' folder to your server's 'plugins' folder.

If you already use DeluxeMenus on your server and you don't want to lose access to your existing menus, don't overwrite DeluxeMenus' config.yml file when uploading!

Copy over the settings from our configuration to your existing config.yml file.

If you don't use ItemsAdder on your server, you don't have to move the ItemsAdder subfolder

Installing the resource pack

In case you use ItemsAdder:

Simply move the ItemsAdder subfolder included in the configuration to your server's 'plugins' folder.

Type /iazip and the pack should load without any issues.

In case you use Oraxen:

The configuration doesn't natively support Oraxen yet (in a sense that config files aren't included), but that doesn't mean that it won't work if you use Oraxen.

You'll have to merge the already compiled pack (pack.zip) with your server's existing resource pack, managed by Oraxen.

Oraxen has a guide on how to merge packs.

Not using ItemsAdder/Oraxen:

Don't have an existing server resource pack yet?

This guide explains how to host (upload) the pack and add it to your server:

Already have an existing server resource pack?

Visit this website. Simply upload your server resource pack, and pack.zip which included in the configuration.

The result will be your new pack which contains features from both of them.

Final steps

Restart your server and check if you've done everything correctly. If everything is fine, you should see the skins in the /toolskin menu.

Personalization and Advanced options

You can edit everything to match your server's style, if needed. This step is not required.

There are some options that you can configure:

Configure permissions and Skin setting cost

Give your players the default permission to set skins. The format is toolskin.name (for example, toolskin.ruby).

You can give them access to all skins by setting the toolskin.*

Default cost is $1,000 per skin change. You set it to $0 to disable this feature.

Block skin setting on certain items

This is useful if you already have some custom items that you don't want people to set skins on. Simply add the INT NBT tag 'kfx;skin' with value 100 to the item.


All items with that tag will be excluded from skin setting.

Please open a support ticket on our Discord server if you have any questions or need assistance. We will be more than happy to help!

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