đŸĒ“Adding builds to servers

This page will assume you already have FastAsyncWorldEdit or WorldEdit in your server's plugins folder. Other plugins may support importing/pasting .schem(atic) files, too.

Installing plugins is easy, simply download the .jar files, add them to your plugins folder and restart your server.

First step is to download the build you've just purchased from BuiltByBit or Polymart.

Adding the build to WorldEdit

Some builds will come in a .schem format file, 1.8-1.12 ones may be in a .schematic format as well.

Open your FastAsyncWorldEdit or WorldEdit folder, there should be a schematics folder (if not, make a new folder and name it 'schematics'). Add your build file to that folder.

Loading your build

For builds that come in a .schematic format, run the following command on your server:

//schematic load <file name>.schematic

For builds that come in a .schem format (1.13+), run the following command on your server:

//schematic load <file name>.schem

Pasting your build

Pasting is the same for all builds. Navigate to the place in-game where you want to paste your build (the central location of your build will be there), then type the following command:


You can also type //paste -a to ignore air blocks when pasting, if that's something you want to do.

And that's it, enjoy your new build! ✨

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